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Flurazepam (Dalmane) Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

Dalmane (generic name flurazepam) is prescribed to manage insomnia. It’s great for short-term use with difficulty staying asleep or falling asleep. When a patient uses this medication, they feel relaxed and calm; however, misuse of flurazepam can result in physical abuse, dependency, and addiction. Learn about Dalmane addiction and how you can safely get back to your normal lifestyle.


What is Flurazepam

Flurazepam is a drug with sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, and anti-anxiety properties. The drug is fast-acting, potent, and primarily used to treat moderate to mild insomnia. It is available as capsules; the dosage is based on patient age, medical condition, and response to the treatment. Patients are prescribed to take flurazepam at bedtime and exactly as directed by the doctor.

Indications for Use

Flurazepam is used to treat insomnia. The drug helps the user sleep better through the night.

Flurazepam Analogs

Temazepam, triazolam, methaqualone, and barbiturates can be substituted for flurazepam.

The Effects of Flurazepam Abuse

Flurazepam can be habit-forming, leading to addictions and drug abuse. Some signs of flurazepam abuse are:

Combing the drug with alcohol
Taking it for a longer duration than the doctor prescribes
Recreationally taking Dalmane
Using your family or friends' drugs

Abusing this drug can lead to short and long-term effects. The effects tend to vary individually, but long–term effects might require immediate medical attention:

Short-Term Effects

Vomiting or nausea
Bitter taste
Dry mouth

Long-term Effects

Difficulty in breathing or swallowing
Stomach cramps, heartburn
Lack of coordination

Signs and Symptoms of Flurazepam Use

Prolonged abuse of Dalmane can lead to life-threatening signs and symptoms. If you are having these symptoms, seek medical help immediately:

Physical Symptoms

Physical weakness
Throat, facial, tongue, or eye swelling

Physical Symptoms

Mood swings
Cognitive difficulties, memory loss
Suicidal thoughts

Behavioral Symptoms

Irritability (getting annoyed quickly, anger, or impatience)
Appetite loss, insomnia

Flurazepam Treatment Options

Flurazepam addiction is a condition that cannot get better on its own, so it will worsen if left untreated. Get to know the different types of Dalmane treatments below:

Medical Treatment for Flurazepam Addiction

Medical Detox
Medically-assisted detoxification helps to get rid of the body's addictive substances. This is a process where the body is helped via medications to excrete the substance effects. During this process, your doctor can give medications to ease any discomfort of drug withdrawal.
Medication-assisted treatment
This treatment can aid in stabilizing the patient body functioning, brain chemistry and controlling cravings. This process also helps the patient stay in the treatment, increase survival rates, and reduce opiate abuse. Buprenorphine and methadone medications are commonly prescribed in this type of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Flurazepam Addiction

Inpatient Treatment
This is a great treatment for patients battling chronic flurazepam addiction. Inpatient treatment involves ongoing counseling services, medications, and assessment of the substance addiction. The patients are required to stay in the clinic and will have nurse access 24-7.
Outpatient Treatment
Outpatient treatment is recommended for patients with mild side effects of Dalmane. This treatment involves access to medication, medical services, group, and individual counseling. The patients schedule appointments and receive treatment while they live at home.

Process and Stages of Flurazepam Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

The VipVorobjev Clinic team has changed the lives of so many people; we stop at nothing to aid your recovery. We use all evidence-based medical treatments and innovative therapies for your healing, as evidenced below:

Diagnosis of Flurazepam Addiction

This procedure involves gathering patient history.
Screening and Assessment
This phase involves conducting a screening test to determine the substance abuse extent in the patient body.
Evaluation involves gathering the flurazepam history, including your first time using it, the substances you have maybe used before, the quantities, and how frequently you have used it. The doctor may also require your information about symptoms, physical consequences, legal troubles, or difficulties you have experienced before.
Developing the Preferred Plan
Your full evaluation will help us to develop the treatment plan you require. The treatment plan will state the short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Flurazepam Detoxification Treatment

Detoxification removes the side effects of Dalmane. The length of detoxification is based on the patient's addiction condition. We offer medical detox to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms from the patient's body by offering both supportive and pharmacologic care.
Inpatient Treatment
Inpatient treatment involves patients staying in our clinic center with the 24-hour care of a clinician. This treatment is great for treating severe Dalmane addiction. Our patients undergo medically assisted detox during this process. Furthermore, the clinicians will provide you with the necessary medical expertise to lessen the drug withdrawals and cravings.
Outpatient Treatment
Outpatient treatment great for individuals with moderate to mild flurazepam withdrawal symptoms. This treatment involves outpatient detoxification and medications. The patient is supposed to visit our clinic as prescribed by the clinician for mental and physical check-ups.
Addiction Treatment Medications
We recommend this treatment during detox; patients are given medications during recovery. The medications will reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, and fight co-occurring disorders.
Sober Living Homes
Sober living homes operate between inpatient treatment and returning to a normal life. They are great for the patient in the recovery process. During time in a sober living home, the patient will reinforce what they learned from their rehabilitation programs.
Our therapies are based on substance abuse patterns and health. The options for therapy involve group or individual therapy sessions.

The Average Length of Flurazepam Treatment

Each patient's path to addiction is unique, with different social, emotional, and environmental factors. This means the treatment range will vary individually based on the patient extent of substance addiction. Overall, the treatment varies between several weeks to 12 months.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Flurazepam Addiction

The severity of flurazepam addiction determines the effectiveness of the recommended treatment. Inpatient treatment is preferred for chronic addiction, while mild to moderate addiction can be dealt with by outpatient treatment.

Cost of Flurazepam Addiction Treatment

Cost varies between individual needs. The good news is that at our clinic center, we have budget-friendly treatment programs available for patients of all incomes. The cost of the treatment starts at 2,700 €.


Flurazepam addiction is just a temporary condition; however, you cannot stop it without a specialist’s help. We have friendly and trained addiction specialists focused on delivering the full continuum of care regardless of your addiction level, resulting in the best possible outcomes. Here are some of our great specialists:

Milos Pejovic — Occupational Therapist
Nikolaj Shvarev — Reanimatologist and Anesthesiologist
Gennady Dovoruhin — Psychiatrist
Zoran Crnjin — Psychologist
Ivana Cirjanic — Nurse

Patents and Certificates

We believe you will get well! We are certified, registered (DAACC) Alcohol, Drug & Addiction Counselor Certification) specialists. Our addictions MDs, PhDs, and Master's level specialists coordinate necessary care at every stage to help you break your drug abuse addiction, allowing you to start a new life.


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