Sleeping pill addiction is a growing concern in the 21st century.

Modern society is characterized by a fast pace of life. In addition to numerous personal and business obligations, people also face existential issues, lack of money, and even illnesses of family members, so it is not surprising that the modern man is under constant stress, which is often accompanied by business burnout.

This condition has a negative impact not only on physical but also on mental health, so sleep problems have become daily for many. It is estimated that over 15 percent of the world’s population suffers from chronic insomnia.

Since peaceful sleep is essential not only for rest, energy and good concentration but also for overall health, people resort to a variety of methods for falling asleep. The most common is the use of sleeping pills.

Unfortunately, consuming them sometimes leads to a much bigger problem than insomnia. Statistics says that sleeping pill addiction should not be neglected. According to the latest research, it is registered in 4% of users, although experts say that the number is much higher, because the abuse of these medicines and the use of drugs such as cocaine and heroin often go hand in hand.

Sleeping pills – a fine line between aid and addiction!

Sleeping pills are sedative hypnotics. They are designed to induce drowsiness in people who have difficulty or do no sleep at all. They aim to control the part of the brain that affects our ability to focus and relax, known as GABA receptors.

This specific group of drugs includes several subgroups. Benzodiazepines create a state of intoxication and thus help a person to fall asleep. The most famous are Xalol (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam (Ativan), which are often prescribed for anxiety disorders, so the risk of developing addiction is high.

Medicines of the new, so-called Z generation, such as the Lunesta, Sonata and Stilnox (Ambien), have a faster effect. Although they do not cause physical addiction, their abuse affects the psyche, leading to craving.

Zavisnost od pilula za spavanje
In fact, these medicines only create a problem if we do not adhere to the instructions given by the doctor. Users, wanting to fall asleep faster, increase the dose on their own initiative. In this way, they also increase their tolerance to them. It has been scientifically proven that long-term use causes many health problems, including stroke and heart attack and dementia. Additional danger of negative effects threatens when these medicines are purchased without prescriptions and from unverified sources.

How to identify addiction to sleeping pills?

Just like heroin and cocaine addiction, overuse of these pills has characteristic symptoms.

Continuous increasing of the dose is a classic sign of a problem. As, over time, the amount prescribed becomes insufficient, the person more often goes to the doctor for a prescription. Taking the medicine in the morning is another proof that addiction to sleeping pills has developed.

Zavisnost od heroina
Short-term effects include uncoordinated movements, speech problems, laugh attacks and pronounced euphoria, while in the long run, abuse of sleeping pills can result in severe impairment of the memory and cognitive abilities of the user, resulting in hallucinations and inability to focus visually. It is not uncommon to experience “recurrent insomnia”, which is a much more severe form than the original sleep problem.

Also, dizziness, muscle pain, dry mouth, persistent itching, shortness of breath, and even high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders are a clear sign of this addiction.

How to eliminate sleeping pill addiction?

Sleeping pill addiction has been classified as a disease, which means resolving it requires professional help.

VIP Vorobiev clinic fosters an individual approach that starts with detailed diagnostics. It is only on the basis of the patient’s assessed physical and mental condition that the team of world-renowned physicians and psychotherapists determine the best program for treating addiction to sleeping pills.

It is by applying the modern methods of addiction treatment that VIP Vorobiev clinic stands out from the others. Namely, only here painless detoxification is performed, which eliminates the negative effects of withdrawal. Apart from eliminating physical addiction, unique methods are used to suppress craving. So maximum results are not only obtained much faster but are also lasting, which is not the case with standard techniques. Maintaining results is also guaranteed by psychotherapy during and after treatment.

VIP Vorobiev is a luxurious rehab clinic ranking a 5-star hotel. The spacious, modernly furnished rooms provide comfort and privacy for all patients, while for rest and relaxation hours the clinic offers a 200 m2 lounge, a gym, a swimming pool and a hot tub.

Years of experience, dedication and care as well as the up-to-date approach of VIP Vorobiev clinic have been recognized by tens of thousands of successfully cured patients from the country and abroad.


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