Alcoholism in young people is common.

Drinking alcohol has long been a trend. However, recent years have been witnessing alarming data, especially given that the age limit has been increasingly moving.

Unfortunately, no gathering of young people today can be imagined without alcohol, although it is not rare for adolescents even to reach for a drink to the state of drunkenness within the family.

Several studies confirm that youth alcoholism is a global concern. According to the latest research, every third elementary student “hangs out” with a glass, while more than 80 percent of young people aged 15 to 24 years drink excessively. So it’s not surprising that more than half of the patients who come for treatment of alcoholism are under 30 years of age.

The situation in Serbia is no better either. On average, children in our country try alcohol before the age of 11. About 32 percent of high school students get drunk on a regular basis, with 10 percent already having their health impaired.

Given that alcoholism among young people is often a springboard for drug use, the problem should by no means be ignored.

Why does alcoholism develop in young people?

The age of adolescence is accompanied by numerous mental and physical changes. At the same time, adolescents feel a constant desire to grow up as soon as possible and be accepted. Unlike in adults, social factors play a crucial role in the development of alcoholism in young people.

Initially, teens drink with friends, then continue to consume “because of their friends,” but also the sense of relaxation the drink brings. Alcoholism in young people is reflected in irregular drinking of large quantities of drinks over the weekend. They usually drink fast, competing against each other in who will drink more. Another characteristic is the mixing of alcohol with sweetened beverages. This combination not only leads to faster intoxication but also increases the risk of poisoning.

In addition to friends, the social component also includes the family. Namely, the risk of a young person becoming an alcoholic is 52 percent higher if one of the parents had the same problem.

What effect does alcoholism have on young people?

As the body of young people is weaker, the effects of alcoholism are much greater. In addition to aggressiveness, proneness to violence, and increased risk in traffic, alcoholism in young people causes them engaging in criminal activities.

Alkoholizam kod mladih
Over time, the liver becomes damaged as in it all the harmful substances we bring into the body are broken down. Alcoholism also causes damage to the stomach, pancreas, esophagus, pharynx, heart muscle, and blood vessels.

Alcohol leaves severe consequences on the brain, i.e., on its development. It often causes problems in maintaining balance, damage to peripheral nerves, loss of sense of touch, inability to control desires and emotions, decline in intelligence, which has a negative effect on the person’s functioning in the future.

In fact, alcoholism in young people mostly contributes to disability in older age. The fatal outcome is not ruled out either. Alcohol accounts for 9 percent of global deaths.

When do young people need treatment?

While addiction to pills and drugs develops rapidly, alcoholism takes years. But still, certain measures must be taken already with the first signs.

Alcohol addiction treatment at VIP Vorobjev clinic begins with a thorough check of the mental and physical condition of the patient. It includes general urine and blood tests as well as tests for hepatitis B and C and HIV infection, ECG. Then, it involves determining the level of addiction and possible mental problems.

Only after diagnostics do world-renowned experts in addiction treatment determine the best program for the patient. The first step is a completely painless detoxification, by which VIP Vorobjev sets itself apart from other institutions. Thanks to a unique combination of state-of-the-art methods, unpleasant and dangerous symptoms of withdrawal are eliminated. At the same time, the work of the heart, liver, kidneys, and peripheral nervous system is normalized.

Alkoholizam kod mladih
As alcoholism affects the brain centers in young people, it is necessary to treat psychological addiction. Several therapies are used for this purpose. N.E.T. therapy restores the hormonal balance that is disturbed by prolonged use of alcohol.

Aversive therapy includes the use of medicines and devices that create unpleasant stimuli to develop physiological disgust and resistance to alcohol, while lateral therapy strengthens the body reducing tension and stress and improving appetite, sleep, memory …

The whole treatment takes place in a comfortable environment and luxuriously equipped accommodation. In addition to providing discretion, our staff is there to fulfill every wish of our patients in terms of food, leisure, and even free transportation from the airport or bus station, all with the aim of them feeling comfortable.

One of the guarantees of treatment success at VIP Vorobjev clinic is the full post-treatment support. Our award-winning physicians and psychotherapists continue to work with patients after them leaving the hospital. Regular follow-ups, as well as consultations whenever necessary, ensure the patient returns to normal life at a faster pace without the risk of relapse.

Do not let alcohol take away your youth, allow the expert team of VIP Vorobjev clinic
to help you.


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