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Complete rehabilitation

Ayahuasca treatment is a new revolutionary way of treating addictions. It is obtained from the plants Banisteropsiscapii and Psychotriaviridis that extend geographically from the source to the mouth of the Amazon River. It is consumed as a beverage. The countries where Ayahuasca originated and is widespread are Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, and it later expanded to Guinea, Venezuela, Suriname and the Northern part of Brazil.

Ayahuasca is considered to be as old as Egyptian civilization. It is estimated to be about five centuries older than Gilgamesh and about 3000 years older than Christianity. It is deeply rooted in the mythology and philosophy of the tribes and has become an integral part of their lives.

complete rehabilitation of hospitals vip vorobjev

What is Ayahuasca used for?

There are numerous reasons why people choose to try Ayahuasca. The most common and the most often are spiritual and physical purification.

One of the main reasons that lead people to consume Ayahuasca is spiritual purification. Many people who have tried Ayahuasca say that with the help of it, they were able to understand their role in life, family and on earth. They also point out that they had insight into how our nature and the universe works, as well as what they need to change in themselves and what kind of person they need to become. Consequently, many talk about feeling reborn. It is not uncommon that after such an experience, patients claim to have entered a more spiritual state that helps them to heal and perceive their problem as a whole.

Ayahuasca helps patients focus on treating addiction, the causes of the problem, but also treating symptoms of withdrawal. Ayahuasca affects improvement of the patient’s condition as well as the recovery of his physical and mental state.

Ayahuasca – Effect

Ayahuasca affects serotonin in the brain. It also has an effect on introspection and emotions. Effects of Ayahuasca occur within 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. Ayahuasca treatment lasts throughout the day.

During Ayahuasca therapy, the patient is under the constant supervision of experts. Medical professionals control the procedure during the session and the patient cannot be alone at any time.

Ayahuasca is a substance that helps to find a way out, as well as to fully perceive discomforts in an objective way. During therapy, the patient focuses on the causative agents themselves and the core of the problem that brought him to the condition he was in when he arrived at the clinic.

In addition, the patient feels significant improvement, relaxation, symptoms of crisis disappear and he has no desire to consume the harmful substance anymore.

Patients using Ayahuasca may notice changes in thought processes and cognition. Thoughts become more intense and numerous, and all senses are sharpened and expressed. Also, there are numerous emotions, stronger and more effective than ever before.

When is Ayahuasca used and which patients are recommended to use it?

Ayahuasca is very useful in treating patients struggling with addictions, as well as other psychological and immunological disorders.

The basic feature of Ayahuasca is the treatment of patients’ psychological addiction and addictive behavior. With appropriate conversation therapy with a specialist, Ayahuasca significantly changes lifestyle and takes the patient on the right path.

It is very useful for serotonin deficiency in the body. This problem occurs with alcohol addiction as well as opiate addiction. In addition, it has an antidepressant effect, so it is very useful in the treatment of mental illnesses and disorders.

Use of Ayahuasca under uncontrolled conditions is not recommended. Specialist permission is required as well as a prescribed dose of Ayahuasca that may be used in the treatment. After the patient is diagnosed upon admission to Vip Vorobiev clinic, the doctor prescribes Ayahuasca therapy if he determines it is necessary.

It is most commonly used after body detoxification and cleansing of harmful and toxic substances. Ayahuasca treatment is a very important stage in the treatment of addictions in our clinic. Thanks to this method of treatment, patients’ awareness of the consequences of addiction is increased and the rehabilitation process is accelerated.

Stages of Ayahuasca treatment

Ayahuasca treatment can only be practiced in the presence of a physician and professional medical staff.

Diagnosis – the first and extremely important phase of treatment during which the physical and psychological condition of the patient is assessed. The standard diagnostic examination for physical assessment includes urine test, hepatitis B and C tests, HIV infection test, general blood test, biochemical blood test, ECG and medical examination by an internist. Standard diagnostic examination for the assessment of mental state includes psychodiagnostics (psychological tests are used to determine the level of addiction, the consequences of substance use on mental health, examine the signs of mental disorders, the presence of depression, the degree of motivation for healing, self-criticism and preservation of willing mechanisms).

Treatment plan – after the diagnostics, the team of physicians reviews the findings and develops treatment strategy and plan. If there are risk factors or chronic diseases, additional tests are performed and therapy is prescribed. It is possible to do MRT, EEG, ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy, analysis of drug and narcotic concentration, cardiologist, neurologists, endocrinologists examinations…

Patient preparation – one day before the session, data are collected about the patient and his or her life and overall health through special psychological tests. Based on the results, the doctor prescribes the correct dose of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca therapy – During Ayahuasca therapy, the doctor constantly monitors the development of the situation and controls the conditions, and the patient is connected to monitoring by which the pulse, the level of oxygen in the body and the heart function are monitored. Treatment must be performed in hospital and under the constant supervision of specialists.

Stabilization – The final step is the evaluation of treatment results and stabilization. The patient’s mental and physical condition stabilized.

Outpatient treatment – The patient is required to maintain contact with physicians for the next 12 months so that they can monitor the situation, correct therapy, and possibly assist in difficult times.

Addiction treatment at Vip Vorobiev clinic

Addiction treatment clinic Vip Vorobiev is one of the leading addiction treatment clinics in Europe.

Our team consists of top medical specialists. Our team is international and made up only of top-notch and experienced doctors. We cherish tradition! We have won the Gold Quality Award in New York, and since then we have been steadily investing energy in further progress and advancing the methods of addiction treatment.

Ayahuasca treatment at Vip Vorobiev clinic is what sets us apart from the others and is one of the most effective procedures in addiction treatment. Numerous satisfied patients from all over the world, after being treated, returned to normal life with their families and daily habits.

Patients are advised not to consume alcohol or opiates, such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or the like before arriving at the clinic for their treatment. If the patient consumes any opiate, medical experts suggest that first body detoxification should be done. After cleansing the body of toxins, Ayahuasca therapy can be practiced.