Drug addiction destroys the life of the addict but also of his family. This devastating addiction threatens everything you’ve created, but with our professional help things can be improved.

Drug drives the family to the abyss

When you discover that your loved ones are addicted to drugs, first comes shock, unbelief, then sadness, concern and desperation.

We fully understand how you feel, because these are really great earthquakes affecting your family to a large extent. By yesterday, he/she was a good child, a good partner, a good parent, and then the situation turned literally overnight. Drugs can really pull people to the bottom. And not just them, but also their families who suffer and slowly sink with them.

It is difficult to express your suffering with words because you know best how you feel and what you are going through. You probably feel completely helpless while at the same time you have a huge desire to help, but you do not know how. We want to encourage you as you are not alone in the harsh circumstances you’ve found yourself in and you can count on us.

Drugs destroy family relationships

We know very well that nothing in this world can be hidden and a drug addict cannot hide his problem forever. When his closest discover this, family relationships are threatened to be destroyed.

The addict usually responds with: “I just tried it, I will never do it again,” but this practically never happens. Addicts are not aware of how much they are actually “addicted” and deceive themselves and others that things are under control, but they are actually far away from this. When the family catches them for the second time, there is disappointment and loss of confidence.

Trust is like a mirror, once it breaks, it’s never the same again. Addicts are not aware of this and hurt their loved ones again and again.

Another sad fact is the family’s tendency to blame itself believing it made a mistake somewhere. We are here to tell you that it is not your fault and to emphasize the negative impact of society and the lack of control that would eradicate drugs from our everyday lives.

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Drug changes the brain of the addicts

As we have just mentioned, it’s not your fault if a member of your family started to use drugs. It’s his bad decision that drives both him and you into the abyss. Still, it’s not all that black and white.

Drugs lead to changes in chemical processes in the brain that affect the thoughts, emotions and behavior of people. They then fall into the vicious circle of the drug seeing no exit. They often steal money and engage into illegal jobs to get money that will give them a short “moment of glory” and a bunch of negative consequences.

When a conflict occurs and you get involved in a fierce argument with the addict, remember that these are not his traits but the consequences of addiction, so blame the drug as it is a common enemy that can be stood in the way.

Treatment of drug addiction at our clinic

We know it’s not easy to free yourself from the clutches of drugs, but we also know it’s not impossible, and the experience of our cured patients confirms this. It is really necessary to seek professional help because attempts to treat yourself on your own lead to failure and new complications.

Our clinic VIP Vorobjev employs top experts who have helped many addicts and their families get out of the hell of drugs. There is no difference between soft and hard drugs, they need to be taken seriously and treated seriously.

With our help, you will reestablish family harmony and start a healthier and more beautiful life together with your loved ones.



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