How does depression affect your life? This is a question we often meet today.

There is not a single person in the world has not feel sad or lethargic at some point in their lives. Usually such a state ensues due to great losses, the illness or death of loved ones, as well as due to difficulties regarding professional life. Unfortunately, problems and challenges are an integral part of life. Just as the sense of happiness is an integral part of human nature there is also sadness. Many of these life situations are described as depression.

However, depression is much more than that. What may initially appear as a passing state of melancholy and hopelessness, in fact, becomes a reality reaching into every segment of your life, preventing normal functioning.

According to research carried out by the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

As many as 15% of them commit suicide. Considering that the number of people afflicted by it increases every year, it is estimated that by 2030 depression will become the greatest cause of morbidity in the world.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of the problem, the VIP Vorobjev clinic will explain how depression affects your life in this blog post.

How does depression affect your life? First of all, it changes your mood

A sadness which emerges for no apparent reason and does not cease or keeps reoccurring – this is the best description of the state of depression.

Kako depresija utiče na vaš život

A sadness which emerges for no apparent reason and does not cease or keeps reoccurring – this is the best description of the state of depression.

Over time, it leads to a loss of interest and enjoyment, even of things which once made you happy. Their place is taken by dark and negative thoughts. The person becomes increasingly withdrawn because they doubt the possibility of attaining a better life. As a result, they completely neglect house chores, physical activity, and reduction in the care paid to personal hygiene and regular meals.

These symptoms are the most common answer to the question: “How does depression affect your life?” Being unable to see a way out of this problem, many others often emerge within a depressed person, including anxiety, drug, alcohol and pill abuse.

Sometimes, depression can turn a calm and collected person to turn into an irritable and impulsive one. Loved ones are especially affected by the sufferer’s unpleasant behavior and constant undue anger. Relationships between the partners gradually degrade Due to the accumulation of intolerance and anger, so it should be no surprise that depression is often cited as a reason for divorce.

A decrease in energy and concentration

A loss of energy and emergence of sleep deprivation leading to quickly tiring out are also symptoms of depression. They are followed by a large decrease in concentration.

Namely, people who suffer from depression not only fail to fulfill business tasks in a timely manner, they avoid making important decisions at all. In the long run, this is negatively reflected in their professional life.

Depression affects not only mental, but physical health too

Even though while considering “how depression affects your life” it’s usually the psychological changes that are established, one should not ignore its impact on overall health as well.

Believe it or not, depression can cause pain in the chest, muscles, neck and lower back. Studies have confirmed the causal relationship between migraine and depression. That is, the risk of migraine is 3 times greater in people suffering from depression and those suffering from migraines have a 5 times greater chance of becoming depressed. It also affects the digestive system.  It can result in frequent nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation.

Kako depresija utiče na vaš život

Depression is a vicious circle which requires professional help to escape. Psychotherapy and adherence to the prescribed therapy are of the greatest importance in its treatment. Additionally, the understanding and support of the family are a sure way to happiness and satisfaction.



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