Internet addiction is a disease of the modern age.

The 21st century is characterized by mobile phones, the internet and social networks. Certainly, they have made our lives much easier. With just one click we can find the information we need. We now do our business tasks outside the office, and we can shop, order food, pay bills from the comfort of home. With the advent of the internet, socializing has taken on a different form. New acquaintances have never been made faster, while keeping in touch with friends who do not live in our city has become very easy.

However, modern technologies have shown their downside. The negative impact is, primarily, reflected in the social aspect, although it is not uncommon that mental health too suffers consequences, which can lead to Internet addiction.

Statistics too says that the new form of addiction should not be neglected. It is estimated that every eighth user of the Internet has some of the characteristic signs. The most vulnerable are the younger generations, every fourth teenager has a problem. The devastating data point out that 20 percent of people pay more attention to the internet than to their family.

Considering its widespread nature, luxurious rehab clinic VIP Vorobiev draws your attention to the symptoms that indicate the existence of the disorder.

Internet addiction was registered in the mid-20th century

Although internet addiction is nowadays mentioned in society, the media, and even scientific research, it is not of recent date. Namely, the first forms were noticed in the mid-1950s with the advent of pinball machines. Three decades later, the onset of the video game era and the development of computers and the Internet gradually pointed to signs among young people around the world, only to see further development of technology leading to the widespread use of modern devices. With the increase in the number of users, the number of those who have faced addiction has increased.

Zavisnost od interneta
However, it was not until 1996 that the term “internet addiction” was introduced in medicine by Ivan Goldberg. Observing gambling addiction, the American psychiatrist described the problem as a mental disorder that manifests as an obsessive desire to spend as much time on the internet as possible.  Soon his definition was found in the American Classification of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). This officially placed internet addiction in a special category of cyber disorders.

How does this type of addiction develop?

Just as drug and alcohol use has deeper causes, so is Internet addiction a complex phenomenon.

In most cases, social factors play a key role. The internet is the right place for shy people who find it difficult to make contact with strangers in real life. Also, constant stress is a good predisposition for developing addiction, as a kind of escape from reality.

Recent studies have shown that internet addiction is, in fact, a covered depression, anxiety or other psychiatric disorder, but it can also be categorized as a consequence of alcoholism, pathological gambling, or shopaholism.

Internet addiction is manifested in different ways. Obsession with virtual friendships and obsession with playing games on the Internet are the most common forms. Also, pathological internet browsing to gather as much information as possible and pathological use of forums and e-mail is a form of internet addiction, and lately, cyber-sex obsession has spread, i.e. compulsive use of the Internet for intimate relationships.

How to identify internet addiction?

People with addiction spend all their free time online, up to 8 hours a day. In doing so, they neglect everyday activities such as housework, socializing, business and school responsibilities …

Zavisnost od interneta
Also, characteristic symptoms are changes in behavior, new interests, problems with concentration and memory, problems with sleep, major changes in body weight. Euphoria when using the Internet is also a clear sign, while panic attacks occur when internet is unavailable. Frequently, physical symptoms also occur – headache, pain in the neck, spine and buttocks, difficult and blurred vision.

Since quality of life is drastically impaired, treatment for Internet addiction is necessary. VIP Vorobiev clinic sets itself apart from others by applying modern addiction treatment methods.

Starting from an individual approach and detailed diagnostics of mental and physical condition, the expert team of world-renowned specialists and psychotherapists prescribes an appropriate program for the patient. It includes, primarily, neuro-jet therapy, lateral therapy and eye movement integrator. They eliminate craving for overuse of the Internet and restore the natural balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

The importance of psychotherapy in eliminating this disease is great, so not only individual but also family and educational sessions are conducted at VIP Vorobiev clinic. For revealing the real problem triggers, we use mental blockade, that is, the elements of hypnosis that act on the patient’s subconscious so that he recognizes the negative effects of addiction. At the same time, he develops a desire for a normal lifestyle.

To make your stay at the clinic comfortable, all rooms are modernly equipped and the menu is prepared solely based on the wishes, diet and religion of the patient. The complex offers a gym with state-of-the-art equipment, a swimming pool and hot tub, as well as a 200 m2 living room for moments of rest and socializing.

Treatment of addicts at VIP Vorobiev Clinic is effective and fast, without the risk of relapse, as confirmed by over 24,000 successfully treated patients.


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