Drug use is a huge problem, not only for the individual, but also for his family and society as a whole.

The use of drugs destroys health and takes away the potential to do something great in one’s life. When an addict enters the vicious circle of drugs, everything else loses its sense, and the only purpose of life is to get the substance.

The family of addicts directly suffers the consequences of drug use. A co-addiction develops, which is about the acceptance and tolerance of addiction. We know that you do not know how to handle the new situation and that you feel powerless to change anything. However, there is a solution, the treatment at our clinic VIP Vorobjev. We helped many people to get rid of drugs forever, so we believe that we can help you too.

Is drug use the result of poor parenting?

When parents discover that their child is using drugs, it often happens that they blame themselves for this situation. You must have thought that you made a mistake somewhere since you failed in preventing your child from turning to drugs.

Whatever drug is concerned, the consequences are the same because they can all be life threatening.The fact is that all drugs are dangerous  and destroy the lives of young people and their loved ones.

If you yourself are not prone to substance abuse, you should not blame yourself. Unfortunately, modern times and accelerated pace of life prevents us from dealing with important things all the time, and often we do not see signs indicating that our child uses psychoactive substances.

Eliminate remorse, as it will not help you or your child. Instead, live in the present and try to change it. It is important that you keep in mind that the situation can always be corrected and that you should initiate the treatment process as soon as possible. This is the only and best way to help your child.

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Drug use and the influence of society

The peer group is a very important factor in shaping behavior and building identity, especially in adolescence.

Peer pressure influences young people to turn to abusive substances, especially if they belong to groups where drugs are easily accessible. Therefore, in such groups the use of drugs is a common activity and the usual way of spending free time.

Young people most often first encounter drugs in their peer group. Since they do not have enough confidence and want to be accepted by their friends, they easily decide to consume psychoactive substances. Their attitude is that “this is not a big deal and everyone is doing it”, which sufficiently speaks of the lack of awareness and the lack of education about the consequences of drugs.

If your child’s boyfriend or girlfriend consumes drugs, this is a “red light” and an additional reason for alert. A frank and open conversation is always helpful, and good communication with your child will significantly affect his behavior and future decisions. You need to know that your support, love and attention can do “miracles.” Even when things seem hopeless, there is always a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Treatment of addictive disorders at VIP Vorobjev Clinic

Addictive disorders are not something you can fight on your own as there are always insurmountable obstacles that cannot be overcome without professional help.

The role of the family is very important when it comes to treating addiction. You need to be involved in the lives of your children, because this is the only way to effect positive changes in their habits. Identifying problems, and then encouraging and providing support, are very helpful and meaningful to young people, because parents are the most important persons in their lives.

Our clinic VIP Vorobjev is known for its success and effective treatment when it comes to treating addiction and treating psychiatric problems.

Whether it’s alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, , drug addiction or some other addiction, we are always there to help you get rid of any addition that prevents you from living a quality and healthy life.

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