Painless detoxification guarantees maximum results in the treatment of heroin addiction.

Drug use has always been present in humanity. However, today it has taken on a scale of epidemics, which is confirmed by the fact that about 14 percent of the world’s population uses an illegal psychoactive substance every minute.

The reasons for this alarming increase are different. They are primarily reflected in that drug production has been at a record high in recent years, so they are easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Also, the opinion that there is a difference between soft and hard drugs has created a new form, the so-called weekend consumption that is popular among business people, while experimenting with psychoactive substances has become a trend in younger generations.

The development of society has also led to a change in the popularity of drugs, so marijuana was replaced by heroin in the number of registered cases. Since it is a very dangerous drug, treatment of addiction is the only way to remedy the problem, and the first step in it is painless detoxification.

Why is painless detoxification important in heroin addiction?

Heroin consumption affects overall health. Heroin also causes problems in the central nervous system.

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Also, the way heroin is taken develops certain problems. Heroin can get into the body by snorting, intravenously, or even smoking. Snorting causes nasal bleeding, swallowing problems, hoarseness, and chronic runny nose, while HIV and hepatitis C risk is high in intravenous users.

Heroin abuse can also lead to the development of various bacterial infections as well as heart and pericardium problems. Long-term consumption of heroin in large numbers cases leads to constipation, loss of appetite and weight, and even sterility. However, by far the most damaging consequence of heroin abuse is the development of the addictive disorder.

Painless detoxification treatment is necessary to prevent further progress of heroin abuse effects.

What are the benefits of painless detoxification?

Painless detoxification involves cleansing of the body from heroin. At the same time, it eliminates adverse effects of withdrawal, leading to a much easier restoring of impaired balance in the patient.

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Painless detoxification leaves your nervous system protected. Therefore, the health of the entire body is optimally ensured.

In fact, painless detoxification is your chance to live, as heroin causes as many as three-quarters of deaths resulting from addictive disorders. Deaths are usually caused by an overdose or the effects of prolonged use, although inadequate treatment too cannot be ruled out.

Can painless detoxification be done at home?

Although drug addiction destroys family, there are still some prejudices. For this reason, many families try to carry out the detox process at home without professional help. Not only this kind of healing will not be successful, but it may also lead to a fatal outcome.

A painless detox is only safe if administered under controlled hospital conditions and constant medical supervision. These conditions are provided by VIP Vorobjev clinic, which sets itself apart by the latest methods of treating addiction.

Based on the diagnosis of mental and physical condition, an expert team of world-renowned physicians and psychiatrist determines which painless detox program is best for the patient. The variety of methods includes ultra-rapid detoxification, Neuro jet therapy (N.E.T.), pharmacotherapy.

Innovative treatment methods

In addition to unique treatment methods that deliver fast and maximum results, VIP Vorobjev clinic also offers luxuriously equipped rooms. We are aware that the support of loved ones is the main driver in the fight, so accommodation is provided for your loved ones too. For your moments of relaxation, you have a gym, swimming pool and hot tub at your disposal.

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VIP Vorobjev clinic also takes care of the safety of its patients – from free transportation from the airport or bus station to twenty-four-hour security.

Don’t let heroin defines your life, seek help at VIP Vorobjev. We guarantee you full rehabilitation and resocialization.



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