Plasmapheresis is one of the regenerative methods of treatment.

Use of drugs and alcohol is present at every age, regardless of social, cultural, or financial status. There is almost no part of the world or a society that does not face the problems of addiction. In fact, it can happen to anyone, at any time and under any circumstances. So it is not surprising that many experts point out that addictive disorders have taken on an epidemiological character.

Statistics too says that the consequences of alcoholism and drug abuse should not be taken lightly. In the last decade, heroin overdose rate has been seven times higher than in the previous period, while pill addiction has increased by four times.

Considering the ever-increasing negative trend of consumption of various psychoactive substances, a number of preventive measures are being implemented in all countries. Unfortunately, these are not enough, so science is constantly developing modern methods of treating addictive disorders. One of them is plasmapheresis.

What is plasmapheresis?

Plasmapheresis is a therapeutic procedure in which plasma is extracted using blood separation technology.

Although a newer technique, plasmapheresis was discovered way back in 1913. The procedure was performed by John Abel and Leonard Rowntree and consisted of taking a certain volume of blood, centrifugation, and resuspension of blood cells.

Their work was continued by Dr. José A. Grifols Lucas who discovered that plasmapheresis is a completely harmless procedure, which contributed to it becoming the official therapy at a Los Angeles hospital in 1959. Over the coming decades, scientists have further developed this procedure, to officially identify the set of diseases in which plasmapheresis plays an important role in the late 20th century. It is used in allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, as well as for the treatment of alcoholism and treatment of drug addiction.

sta je plazmafereza vip vorobjev

How is plasmapheresis therapy performed?

Plasmapheresis is performed using a special device that removes plasma from the patient’s blood and replaces it with the appropriate fluid. Usually, it is a colloidal or crystalloid solution, although it can be a combination thereof.

The goal of plasma extraction is to purify the blood outside the body and then return it to the body. In this way, the body is cleansed of harmful substances such as autoimmune antibodies, immune complexes, cryoglobulins, lipoproteins, psychoactive substances…

Apart from being completely painless, plasmapheresis is also a safe procedure. There is no risk of any contraindications, nor is a recovery period required. So, the patient can perform daily activities immediately after treatment.

Plasmapheresis gives multiple beneficial effects in treating addiction

The main role of plasmapheresis is to cleanse the body as soon as possible. It also prevents the occurrence of delirium tremens and psychotic disorders. It speeds up metabolism and microcirculation and stimulates the production of new, young cells in the body. So the strengthened immune system is ready to fight not only addiction but also hepatitis and other consequences of consuming illegal substances.

Plazmafereza lečenje zavisnosti vip vorobjev
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