Treating addiction with Ibogaine  allows people to get out of the “quicksand” of drugs and to live a normal and healthy life again.

Ibogaine belongs to psychedelics that are obtained by separation from special African plants. In Africa, it has been used for centuries for various rituals due to its hallucinogenic properties. However, Ibogaine is today completely differently applied. It has been confirmed that it is an excellent choice when it comes to treating addiction.

Our clinic, VIP Vorobjev , has used the natural advantage of this substance for higher goals. We wanted to help our clients and their families to forget addiction and turn a new leaf in their lives. Thanks to the miraculous power of Ibogaine and top experts, this has become possible.

What is the effect of Ibogaine on the body?

VIt is important to note that Ibogaine does not substitute drugs and does not cause addiciton. It provides safe and painless detoxification, which is the first step in the treatment of addiction and this is an important part of therapy at ourVIP Vorobjev Clinic

Treatment of addiction with Ibogaine  is performed only after a diagnostic examination determining the psychological and physical condition of the patient. Then, an individual treatment plan for each client is created. This prevents all possible complications that can occur when Ibogaine is procured on one’s own or administered by unprofessional staff. One of the frequent side effects is tachycardia but there are other, more serious risks.

At our clinic we exclusively apply medical Ibogaine HCL and the required dose is always calculated by an expert who is well aware of all the effects.

The experiences of our clients who were on Ibogaine therapy</strongare unequivocally positive. For the first time, people see themselves and their addiction realistically and objectively, and they also see the effects of drugs, both for themselves and their loved ones. They finally understand how much they hurt their family.

This is followed by a phase in which our top experts help the client to get himself together and integrate all of his life experiences. Our goal is to encourage people, to build trust and hope, and to strengthen the desire for healing that is only at it onset. However, with our support, little by little, clients begin to see they want more from life. It is human to sin, and no matter how many times a person falls, it is important to stand up every time.

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Treating addiction with Ibogaine at VIP Vorobjev clinic

At our clinic VIP Vorobjev professional staff is constantly available to their clients. Whether you need advice, support, are in crisis, you will never have to pass through it yourself. We know how important it is to have someone you can always count on and that’s why we are here.

Although some people believe that heroin, cocaine and other opiates addiction cannot be cured, we are here to prove that they are wrong. Every problem can be solved, even the hardest one.

Dedicated and professional staff will ensure for you to have the best possible stay at our clinic. This is favored by fully equipped and comfortable rooms where you can relax, away from all the troubles.

We are here to support your efforts to heal and start again because it is never too late for a positive change in your life.

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