Quitting cocaine will save you from a destructive life.

Cocaine, or coke, coca, snow as it is called in the street, is a white powdery substance obtained from the Coca plant. Ever since the first synthesis in 1860 to the modern age, cocaine and its effects have been arousing equal interest in society. There is almost no drug that is talked about with so much fear and the use of which is so constantly being brought to our attention.

Because of the high price, cocaine has long been considered exclusively a drug of the rich, only to become widely available today. We meet it at parties, among friends, but also in school desks and among business people, so very quickly from an experimenting and recreational user you become the addict in need of help.

The statistics are also worrying. According to research, 96 million people aged 15-64 who have tried illegal psychoactive substances at least once take cocaine, which means that it is 5 times more consumed than other drugs. Consequently, the number of people in need of cocaine withdrawal is also higher.

Why is it important to start cocaine withdrawal on time?

Cocaine is a powerful psychostimulant. In fact, it is designed to please you already with the first effects, acting immediately after taking, creating intense but short-lived euphoria, so the person feels more energetic and happy; like caffeine, it causes alertness and reduces hunger. Psychological effects include the grandiose feeling of power and make physical and mental activities seem easier. These symptoms are accompanied by “pleasant” anxiety and restlessness.

Odvikavanje od kokaina

However, when its effect wears off, depression, lethargy, blankness, and even suicidal thoughts occur. So it comes as no surprise that there is a strong desire to re-feel the illusory power cocaine brings.

Over time, cocaine destroys your health. There are nosebleeds, difficulty swallowing, nasal mucosa irritation and the disappearance of the sense of smell. When administered orally, it causes intestinal gangrene with decreased blood flow, while allergic reactions, HIV and hepatitis B and C are frequent with intravenous intake.

Long-term use increases the risk of permanent damage to the stomach and kidneys, and even heart attack and stroke. Dangerous consequences are left on the nervous system as well, so problems with maintaining attention, memory, but also hallucinations and other psychoses arise.

Given the severity of the effects, quitting cocaine is the only way to prevent further body deterioration.

Is quitting cocaine painful?

Fear is one of the main brakes for treating cocaine addicts.

Still, quitting cocaine does not have to be a long and painful process. VIP Vorobiev clinic applies modern addiction treatment methods. Thanks to an individual approach, a team of world-renowned physicians and psychiatrists determines which painless detox is best for the patient. In this way, all the negative effects of the crisis are avoided, and the disturbed balance and energy are restored in no time.

Treatment of psychological addiction with Ibogaine at VIP Vorobiev clinic is also unique. It was Ibogaine therapy that set this hospital apart from others and listed it within world-renowned addiction treatment centers. Namely, Ibogaine acts directly on serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for creating psychological addiction. After just one treatment, the patient not only loses the desire to reuse cocaine, but becomes aware of all its effects. Lost senses, hidden feelings and old life habits are restored, and we can safely say that only Ibogaine gives maximum effects which lead to mental and physical health “refreshment”.

The entire treatment program at VIP Vorobiev clinic is constantly monitored by the medical team, which gives additional assurance to patients that rehabilitation will be painless, safe and completely successful.

Cocaine withdrawal also requires support during treatment

Cocaine is not only a problem for the person who uses it; all family members are victims of addiction. Therefore, quitting cocaine must be accompanied by strong support from loved ones.

Knowing that you do not judge them and that you are always there for them, patients are more motivated to cope with addiction, as well as to share all the problems that plague them. Therefore, VIP Vorobiev clinic offers accommodation for family members as well in luxurious rooms throughout the treatment.

As it is a family problem, the importance of psychotherapy at the clinic is reflected in both individual and group counseling. Since resolving deeper conflicts is the basis for good communication and understanding, there is no danger that your family member will return to bad habits.

Odvikavanje od kokaina

To make it easier for you to quit cocaine, apart from comfortable accommodation and exceptional privacy, VIP Vorobiev clinic offers a gym, swimming pool, hot tub, psychotherapy gazebo, as well as a modernly furnished lounge extending on over 200 m2.

Don’t let cocaine destroy you and your family, seek the help of the world-renowned experts at VIP Vorobiev clinic.

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