Treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine is a key step in freeing oneself from internal “slavery”.

Numerous research, as well as the media, indicate on a daily basis that modern society is in crisis. In addition to stress, poor economic situation and pressure which comes from our environment, the use of various psychoactive substances is increasingly pronounced.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are problems that have existed for centuries in humanity, but in recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people experiencing addictions. For this reason, these problems are awarded the epithet “21st century epidemics”.

The main reason for this social deviation lies in the fact that, today, there is a whole range of substances available in every corner of the world. Also, modern times have brought new forms of addiction, such as the addiction to internet, video games, gambling, sex, and even shopping. They all influence the individual’s psychological awareness and lead to a distorted picture of the actual state.

In order to eliminate the consequences and have people return to their normal life, the treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine has been developed.

What is a psychological dependence?

Any abuse of psychoactive substances causes physical and psychological dependence. Physical dependence is such that a person cannot “normally” function without it even for one day.

Unlike physical, psychological dependence refers to the dependence on feelings that a psychoactive substance creates. And while in the beginning the desire for consuming occurs in order for a person to feel happiness and relief again, in the later period, the urge is inevitable for the elimination of discomfort and unpleasant symptoms.

Psychological addiction is, in fact, a state in which psychological disturbances are prevalent. Because of the inability to resist desire, psychoactive substances begin to direct the lives of addicts. In a lasting solution to this problem, only the treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine could help them.

lečenje psihičke zavinosti ibogainom

What is the basis for the treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine?

Treatment of dependence with Ibogaine is completely natural, because in the therapy, the extract of the Iboga plant, which grows in the jungle of Central and West Africa, is applied. It is a non-toxic HCL (alkaloid hydrochloride) derived from the roots of a shrubby tree.

In small doses, Ibogaine acts as a stimulant, increasing energy and reducing fatigue. However, in this effect, it differs from other central nervous system stimuli, as it directly affects serotonin and dopamine in the brain that are the main triggers of the drive for the consumption of psychoactive substances.

Treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine is the most effective method, as it leads to a change of consciousness

Treatment of dependence with Ibogaine was first scientifically described by Chilean psychologist Claudio Naranjo in the 1960s. After 40 Ibogaine sessions, he came to the realization that the plant extract helps people to see difficult experiences in an objective way. And consequently, to release unresolved emotional conflicts.

Although it has been established that Ibogaine is not neurotoxic, it has been associated with fatalities. The reason for this is attributed to its mixing with opiates, because, in that case, it enhances their effect.

This means that the treatment of psychological dependence with Ibogaine must be carried out exclusively under verified medical conditions and with the supervision of medical staff who has experience in the application of this therapy. You will find these very conditions in the VIP Vorobjev Clinic.

Thanks to decades of experience of our team, the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions guarantees 100% of success. Namely, active treatment with Ibogaine lasts 6 hours, and the patient is under the constant supervision of doctors and nurses for the next 24 hours.

In this period, under the influence of a powerful substance, there is an awareness of the negative effects of dependence, but also of the real cause that caused the problem. By bringing consciousness to the right path, the treatment of psychological addiction with Ibogaine increases the will of the person to continue working on himself in order to achieve the set goal, which is – a healthy lifestyle.

lečenje psihičke zavisnosti ibogainom

Do not let your psychological addiction dictate your habits, visit the VIP Vorobjev Clinic and you will be stunned by the incredibly quick effect that the Ibogaine therapy brings.

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